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Outliers in Control Engineering: Fractional Calculus Perspective - ISBN 9783110729078

Outliers in Control Engineering: Fractional Calculus Perspective

ISBN 9783110729078

Autor: YangQuan Chen

Wydawca: de Gruyter

Dostępność: 3-6 tygodni

Cena: 840,00 zł






YangQuan Chen



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Outliers play an important, though underestimated, role in control engineering. Traditionally they are unseen and neglected. In opposition, industrial practice gives frequent examples of their existence and their mostly negative impacts on the control quality. The origin of outliers is never fully known. Some of them are generated externally to the process (exogenous), like for instance erroneous observations, data corrupted by control systems or the effect of human intervention. Such outliers appear occasionally with some unknow probability shifting real value often to some strange and nonsense value. They are frequently called deviants, anomalies or contaminants. In most cases we are interested in their detection and removal.

However, there exists the second kind of outliers. Quite often strange looking data observations are not artificial data occurrences. They may be just representatives of the underlying generation mechanism being inseparable internal part of the process (endogenous outliers). In such a case they are not wrong and should be treated with cautiousness, as they may include important information about the dynamic nature of the process. As such they cannot be neglected nor simply removed. The Outlier should be detected, labelled and suitably treated. These activities cannot be performed without proper analytical tools and modeling approaches. There are dozens of methods proposed by scientists, starting from Gaussian-based statistical scoring up to data mining artificial intelligence tools. The research presented in this book presents novel approach incorporating non-Gaussian statistical tools and fractional calculus approach revealing new data analytics applied to this important and challenging task.

The proposed book includes a collection of contributions addressing different yet cohesive subjects, like dynamic modelling, classical control, advanced control, fractional calculus, statistical analytics focused on an ultimate goal: robust and outlier-proof analysis. All studied problems show that outliers play an important role and classical methods, in which outlier are not taken into account, do not give good results. Applications from different engineering areas are considered such as semiconductor process control and monitoring, MIMO peltier temperature control and health monitoring, networked control systems, and etc.

Author information

Paweł D. Domański, Maciej Ławryńczuk, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland; YangQuan Chen, Mesa Lab, University of California, USA.

1 Outliers in control engineering—they exist, like it or not
Paweł D. Domański, YangQuan Chen and Maciej Ławryńczuk
 Requires Authentication
2 On the possibilities of using fractional-order differential calculus in linear and nonlinear model predictive control
Stefan Domek
 Requires Authentication
3 Stochastic control systems with long-range dependent noise
Tyrone E. Duncan and Bozenna Pasik-Duncan
 Requires Authentication
4 Outlier-robust Kalman filtering framework based on statistical similarity measure
Yulong Huang, Fengchi Zhu, Yonggang Zhang, Yuxin Zhao, Peng Shi and Jonathon Chambers
 Requires Authentication
5 Multifractal characteristics of singular signals
Paweł Oświęcimka and Ludovico Minati
 Requires Authentication
6 Study on robustness of nonlinear model predictive control performance assessment
Paweł D. Domański and Maciej Ławryńczuk
 Requires Authentication
7 Causality analysis incorporating outliers information
Michał Falkowski
 Requires Authentication
8 Backlash quantification in control systems using noises with outliers: a benchmark study
Furkan Guc and YangQuan Chen
 Requires Authentication
9 Control performance assessment of the system with fractional-order dynamics
Kai Liu, YangQuan Chen and Paweł D. Domański
 Requires Authentication
10 A novel method for control performance assessment with fractional-order signal processing
Kai Liu, YangQuan Chen and Paweł D. Domański
 Requires Authentication
11 Study on oscillation detection robustness and outlier filtering impact
Michał W. Okoński and Paweł D. Domański
 Requires Authentication
12 3D outliers in BIM supported electrical cable tracing
Dariusz Rocki
 Requires Authentication
13 A radio frequency impedance matching control benchmark and optimal fractional-order stochastic extremum seeking method
Jairo Viola, Carlos Rodriguez, Derek Hollenbeck and YangQuan Chen
 Requires Authentication
 Requires Authentication


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