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A Companion to Media Authorship - ISBN 9780470670965

A Companion to Media Authorship

ISBN 9780470670965

Autor: Jonathan Gray, Derek Johnson

Wydawca: Wiley

Dostępność: 3-6 tygodni

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Jonathan Gray, Derek Johnson



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While the idea of authorship has transcended the literary to play a meaningful role in the cultures of film, television, games, comics, and other emerging digital forms, our understanding of it is still too often limited to assumptions about solitary geniuses and individual creative expression. A Companion to Media Authorship is a ground–breaking collection that re–frames media authorship as a question of culture in which authorship is as much a construction tied to authority and power as it is a constructive and creative force of its own.  Gathering together the insights of leading media scholars and practitioners, 28 original chapters map the field of authorship in a cutting–edge, multi–perspectival, and truly authoritative manner. The contributors develop new and innovative ways of thinking about the practices, attributions, and meanings of authorship.  They situate and examine authorship within collaborative models of industrial production, socially networked media platforms, globally diverse traditions of creativity, complex consumption practices, and a host of institutional and social contexts.  Together, the essays provide the definitive study on the subject by demonstrating that authorship is a field in which media culture can be transformed revitalized, and reimagined.

Notes on Contributors ix 1 Introduction: The Problem of Media Authorship 1 Derek Johnson and Jonathan Gray Part I Theorizing and Historicizing Authorship 2 Authorship and the Narrative of the Self 23 John Hartley 3 The Return of the Author: Ethos and Identity Politics 48 Kristina Busse 4 Making Music: Copyright Law and Creative Processes 69 Olufunmilayo B. Arewa 5 When is the Author? 88 Jonathan Gray 6 Hidden Hands atWork: Authorship, the Intentional Flux, and the Dynamics of Collaboration 112 Colin Burnett Part II Contesting Authorship 7 Participation is Magic: Collaboration, Authorial Legitimacy, and the Audience Function 135 Derek Johnson 8 TellingWhose Stories? Re–examining Author Agency in Self–Representational Media in the Slums of Nairobi 158 Brian Ekdale 9 Never Ending Story: Authorship, Seriality, and the Radio Writers Guild 181 Michele Hilmes 10 From Chris Chibnall to Fox: Torchwood’s Marginalized Authors and Counter–Discourses of TV Authorship 200 Matt Hills 11 Comics, Creators, and Copyright: On the Ownership of Serial Narratives by Multiple Authors 221 Ian Gordon Part III Industrializing Authorship 12 ‘‘Benny Hill Theatre’’: ‘‘Race,’’ Commodification, and the Politics of Representation 239 Anamik Saha 13 Cynical Authorship and the Hong Kong Studio System: Li Hanxiang and His Shaw Brothers Erotic Films 257 Stephen Teo 14 The Authorial Function of the Television Channel: Augmentation and Identity 275 Catherine Johnson 15 The Mouse House of Cards: Disney Tween Stars and Questions of Institutional Authorship 296 Lindsay Hogan 16 Transmedia Architectures of Creation: An Interview with Ivan Askwith 314 Jonathan Gray 17 Dubbing the Noise: Square Enix and Corporate Creation of Videogames 324 Mia Consalvo Part IV Expanding Authorship 18 Authorship Below–the–Line 349 John T. Caldwell 19 Production Design and the Invisible Arts of Seeing 370 David Brisbin 20 Scoring Authorship: An Interview with Bear McCreary 391 Derek Johnson 21 #Bowdown to Your New God: Misha Collins and Decentered Authorship in the Digital Age 403 Louisa Ellen Stein 22 Collaboration and Co–Creation in Networked Environments: An Interview with Molly Wright Steenson 426 Megan Sapnar Ankerson 23 Dawn of the Undead Author: Fanboy Auteurism and Zack Snyder’s ‘‘Vision’’ 440 Suzanne Scott Part V Relocating Authorship 24 Authoring Hype in Bollywood 465 Aswin Punathambekar 25 Auteurs at the Video Store 485 Daniel Herbert 26 Authorship and the State: Narcocorridos in Mexico and the New Aesthetics of Nation 506 Hector Amaya 27 Scripting Kinshasa’s Teleserials: Reflections on Authorship, Creativity, and Ownership 525 Katrien Pype 28 ‘‘We Never Do Anything Alone’’: An Interview on Academic Authorship with Kathleen Fitzpatrick 544 Jonathan Gray and Derek Johnson Index 551

Jonathan Gray is Professor of Media and Cultural Studies at University of Wisconsin, Madison. He is author of Watching with The Simpsons: Television, Parody, and Intertextuality (2006), Television Entertainment (2008), Show Sold Separately: Promos, Spoilers, and Other Media Paratexts (2010), and Television Studies (with Amanda Lotz, 2012). He is co–editor of amongst others, Battleground: The Media (with Robin Andersen, 2008), and Satire TV: Politics and Comedy in the Post–Network Era (with Jeffrey P. Jones and Ethan Thompson, 2009). Derek Johnson is Assistant Professor of Media and Cultural Studies at University of Wisconsin, Madison.  His research focuses on production cultures and creative identities in the media industries. He is the author of Media Franchising: Creative License and Collaboration in the Culture Industries (2013), as well as the co–editor of the forthcoming Intermediaries: Management of Culture and Cultures of Management (with Avi Santo and Derek Kompare, 2014).

“All in all, an engaging examination of the multiple dimensions of authorship in the 21 st century.  Summing Up: Recommended.  Upper–division undergraduates and above.”  ( Choice , 1 December 2013)


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