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Recent Advances in Multidisciplinary Applied Physics: Proceedings of the First International Meeting on Applied Physics (APHYS-2003) - ISBN 9780080446486

Recent Advances in Multidisciplinary Applied Physics: Proceedings of the First International Meeting on Applied Physics (APHYS-2003)

ISBN 9780080446486

Autor: Mendez-Vilas, Antonio

Wydawca: Elsevier

Dostępność: 3-6 tygodni

Cena: 864,15 zł






Mendez-Vilas, Antonio



Rok Wydania:      




The 1st International Meeting on Applied Physics (APHYS-2003) succeeded in creating a new international forum for applied physics in Europe, with specific interest in the application of techniques, training, and culture of physics to research areas usually associated with other scientific and engineering disciplines.

This book contains a selection of peer-reviewed papers presented at APHYS-2003, held in Badajoz (Spain), from 15th to 18th October 2003, which included the following Plenary Lectures:

* Nanobiotechnology - Interactions of Cells with Nanofeatured Surfaces and with Nanoparticles

* Radiation Protection of Nuclear Workers - Ethical Issues

* Chaotic Data Encryption for Optical Communications

Absorption of RF Radiation in Confocal and Uniformly Shelled Ellipsoidal Biological Cell Models

Chernobyl Clean-Up Workers: 17 Years of Follow-Up in Latvia

Three-Dimensional Dose Distribution Around Air and Bone in Tissue Measured by MRI-Based Polymer Gel Dosimeter

Determination of the V Function for CR-39 by Atomic Force Microscope

The Role of 238Pu/239 + 240Pu Activity Ratios as Isotopic Signature of Plutonium Origin in Environmental Samples: Quality Assurance in Pu Determination by Alpha-Particle Spectrometry

Making Predictions On The Evolution Of Radioactive Spots In The Ocean. Validation In The Baltic Sea

HYPERION NET - A Distributed Measurement System for Monitoring Background Ionizing Radiation

Automatic Diagnostic Of Plasmas With Finite Positive Ion Temperature

Biophysical Device For The Treatment Of Neurodegenerative Diseases

New Facility at the Portuguese Research Reactor for Irradiation with Fast Neutrons

Patient Doses from Conventional Diagnostic Radiology Procedures in Serbia and Montenegro

Analysis of the Background Levels of Tritium in Precipitation in Valladolid (Spain)

Continuous Monitoring Of Environmental Radioactivity In Belgrade

Variations of 7Be and 210Pb (1992-1999) In Air At a Sampling Station On The Mediterranean Coast

The Radioactivity Levels and Physical-Chemical Properties In Public Water Supplies Of Malaga

Spectral Analysis and Measurements of Exposure to Magnetic Fields (up to 32 kHz) in Private and Public Transport

Photophysical Properties and Phototoxicity Effect of Supramolecular Sensitizers

Determination of Punica granatum L. Carpellary Membrane Elastic Properties Using Atomic Force Microscopy

Micro-fabrication with nanoparticles: Assembling DNA molecules by a focused laser

Metrologic Assessment of High Power Laser Generated Surface Roughness by Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy

Characterization Of Membrane Distillation Membranes By Tapping Mode Atomic Force Microscopy

Software For Practical Training In Medical Biophysics

Reactive Element Effect Studied by Laser Ablation

Analysis of Sea-Land Breeze Around the City of Huelva (Spain)

Analysis of the Electromagnetic Behaviour of a Variable-Waveform-Supplied Iron Core Inductor, Modelled with Finite Elements

The PHOTONS - AERONET Network Stations in Spain

Application of ICP-MS for Measuring Soil Metal Cations from Sequential Extraction

Fractal Plotter: Visual Tools for Non-Linear Dynamical Systems Study

Parameterizing non-linear magnetic cores for PSpice Simulation

Obtaining the Electrical Model of a Power Transformer by Means of Finite Element Software

Forced Low-Frequency Cell Oscillations In Human Blood Suspensions

Very Low Gamma-Ray Activity Portable Instrument for the Determination of %Pb on Pb-Zn Ore Surface

Microscopic Optical Interferometry Study of the Cottrell Atmospheres in Si-Doped GaAs

An Edge-Based Data Structure for Navier-Stokes Equations Resolution

Radiofrequency Ablation on Heart-equivalent Phantom. Functionality Testing of Percutaneous Single-use Catheter.

Determination of Synchronization of Electrical Activity in the Heart by Shannon Entropy Measure

Neural Network Control In A Wastewater Treatment Plant

Time Series Prediction With Neural Networks. Application To Electric Energy Demand

Five Years Tumor Therapy with Heavy Ions at GSI Darmstadt

Ionizing Radiation as a Tool for Detoxification of Whole Effluents

Sequence of Phase Transitions of Li-Na Niobate Solid Solutions in the High Temperature Region

Study of kinetic friction of solid using driven lattice of quantized vortex in high-temperature superconductors – a new route to study microscopic tribology –

Novel Algorithms for Estimating Motion Characteristics within a Limited Sequence of Images

A Formalism for Quantum Computing and a Satisfiability Problem

A Novel High-Voltage Power Generator for Diesel Exhaust Gas Treatment

Numerical Calculation of a Liquid Bridge Equilibrium Contour between Noncircular Supports

Hydrodynamic Lattice-Boltzmann Simulation of a Thermoplastic Fluid Film for Holographic Recording

Diagnostics of a Pulsed Plasma Discharge

Critical Evaluation of Scattering Models Within the Full Band Monte Carlo Simulation Framework

Magneto-acoustic and Barkhausen Emission in Wide Ribbons of One Magnetic Glass

Template Mediated Nanofibrous Structure: Novel Chitosan/Polyethylene Glycol Scaffold for Tissue Engineering

CoSi2 formation with a thin Ti interlayer-Ti capping layer and Ti capping layer

Roughness Measurement by Speckle Correlation Interferometer with a Phase Shifting by Geometrical Phase Control

Structural Features in Granular and Amorphous Microwires

Mechanical Alloying of Fe100-xBx Compounds: A Structural Study

Pericardial Biomechanical Adaptation to Low Frequency Noise Stress

The Onset to Criticality in a Sheared Granular Medium

Electro-Optic Effect Induced In Glass Waveguides Containing A Charge-Trapping Layer

A Novel Method Of Measuring Light Absorption On A Self-Assembled Single Quantum Dot

Radiative Exciton Lifetimes in Indium Arsenide Self-Assembled Quantum Wires

Radiative Exciton Lifetimes on Different Shape Self-Assembled Semiconductor Nanostructures

Tissue-equivalent TL Sheet Dosimetry System for Gamma-ray Spatial Dose Distribution Measurement

Active Thermography Applied for Quantitative Determination of Stomatal Resistance

Local Characterization Of Multicrystalline Silicon Wafers And Solar Cells

Contributions of Steady Heat Conduction to the Rate of Chemical Reaction

Dynamic Force Spectroscopy: Looking at the Total Harmonic Distortion

Optical Fiber Sensors For Nuclear Environments

Measurement Of The Salinity In Water Through Long-Period Gratings Arc-Induced In Pure-Silica-Core Fibers

Characterization of Cement Mortars with Ultrasonic Testing

Topographical investigation of drug-sensitive and drug-resistant lung tumor cells H69 by scanning near-field optical microscopy

Iron Oxide Thin Films Grown by Pulsed Laser Deposition

Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy as a Tool for Electrical and Structural Characterizations of Membranes in Contact with Electrolyte Solutions

Effect of Titanium/Oxygen Compositional Gradient on Adhesion of Titanium-Oxygen System Film deposited onto Titanium-based Alloy by Reactive DC Sputtering

Ground Level Air Radioactivity Monitoring in Belgrade Urban Area

Modelling and Simulation of an Absorption Solar Cooling System with Low Grade Heat Source in Alicante

Precooling Time Estimation and Measurement Methods in Forced Air Precooling Systems

Cleaning Noising from An ECG

Experimental and modelling study on the uptake kinetics of radionuclides by SPM. Discussion on box-models applications

Kinetically controlled radionuclide sorption by sediment cores from two different environments. Experimental studies using 133Ba as a tracer.

Development and Production of Iodine-125 Seeds for Brachytherapy

Quartz Crystal Microbalance And Electrical Impedance Characterization Of Nickel Dissolution Process.

Electrical Properties Of Poly(Neutral Red) Deposited On Polycrystalline Nickel

On the topology of two dimensional generalized cell systems

Effect of Reaction Parameters on Morphology of Synthesized MFI

Ipen Environmental Monitoring Programme: Assessment of the Gamma Radiation Levels with Thermoluminescence Dosimeters

Working With A Neutron Activation Analyzer

Behavior of Irradiated BICMOS Components for Space Applications

Unexploded Ordnance Discrimination Using Neutrons

Optical Effects In Gaussian Pulse Reflection And Transmission By Linearly Accelerated Interfaces

Feasibility Of (Pb1-xCax)TiO3 Thin Films With x ~0.5 For Electronic Applications

Acceleration and mixing in the radiometric dating of recent sediments: A further discussion supported by the IMZ model.

A new theoretical treatment of sediment compaction: a reviewed basis for the radiometric dating of recent sediments with compaction and time-dependent fluxes

Solar Radiation Map of Extremadura from Other Weather Data

Controlling Nano Sized Particles Obtained Via Emulsion Polymerization Using a Polymeric Surfactant and a Water Soluble Initiator

Extraction Of Informative Features From The Images Of Diagnostic Structures In Dried Drops Of Biological Liquids

Computing the Differential Invariants for Second-Order ODEs

The Role Of Electrochemical Etching Conditions In The Growth Of Porous Silicon Layers

Future Trends in Nuclear Medical Imaging

Decontamination of 137Cs Radioactive Liquid Wastes by Membrane Technology

Application of the Unscear 2000 Report in the Valencian Breast Cancer Screening Program

Single Conductor DC Magnetic Field Reduction

Evaluation of Healthy Bone by a Method Based on Image Analysis

A Method to Improve the Characterization of Bone Tumors from Digitalized Radiographs

Neutronic Time-step Size And Direct Heating Influence On Power Peak Obtained By TRAC/BF1-NOKIN Coupled Code

Uranium-Isotopes Determinations In Waters From Almonte-Marismas Aquifer (Southern Spain)

Track Like Structures in CR-39 Detector from Alpha Particles with Incident Angles Close to and Below the Critical Angles

Quality Control of a Pencil Ionization Chamber

Gamma-ray measurements of naturally occurring radioactive isotopes in Lesvos Island Igneous rocks (Greece)

Measurements of Track Parameters in CR-39 Detector Using Surface Profilometry

Non linear effects of harmful agents: application of α irradiation and taxol on human cancer cells in vitro

Envirad: A Collaboration Between Infn and Secondary School for the Study of Radon

Calculation of Scattered Radiation Around a Patient Subjected to the X-Ray Diagnostic Examination

A Pulsed Fast Neutron Analysis for the Detection of Plastic Explosives

Study Of Two Sequential Extraction Methods And Its Application To Environmental Radioactivity Measures

Investigation On The Soil Profile Around DU Projectile Three Years After Contamination

Radioactive Disequilibrium of Naturally Occurring Radionuclides in Mineral Waters of Metamorfic Rock Balkan Area

Absolute Activity Measurement Of Thallium-204 By Efficiency – Tracing Method

A Method For C-14 Specific Activity Detection In Gas – Graphite Reactor Moderators Based On CO2 “in situ” Generation And Trapping.

Radioactive Iodine Waste Treatment using Electrodialysis with an Anion Exchange Paper Membrane

Determination Of Naturally Occurring Ra Isotopes In Ubatuba-SP, Brazil To Study Coastal Dynamics And Groundwater Input

Calibration Procedures for Hand-Foot Contamination Monitors

Analysis of Water, Soil and Fruit Quality from Eco-Locations in Serbia Using Nuclear and Chemical Methods

Modeling Irradiation-Induced Charging-Annealing Dynamics in Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Devices

New Simplified Technique for Determination of lead-210 in Environmental Samples Using 212Bi as Tracer of Chemical Yield

Neutron Flux Measurements in Radiation Damage Experiments of ND-FE-B magnets by High Energy Electrons

Measurement of Radon Concentration in Different Construced Houses and Terrestrial Gamma Radiation in Elazig, Turkey

The Statistical Analysis of the Radioactivity Concentration of the Water Data in Malatya City, Turkey

Dosimetric Characterization Of A Novel Ternary Crystal With Europium

Radon Data From Different Laboratories: An Italian Intercomparison

Peculiarities of cesium sorption-desorption on bottom sediments

Influence of particle size distribution on the behavior of 137Cs in the Baltic Sea

Modelling Angular Distribution Of Light Emission In Granular Scintillators Used In X-Ray Imaging Detectors

The Formation of Peroxide Compounds as One of the Ways of TransformingOxygen-Containing Anions Under Radiolysis

Determination of 90Sr impurities in 89Sr solutions, Intended for Medical Use

Microwave Effects Upon Vegetal Cell Cultures

The Critical Nature of Electromigration

Correlationship Between Microscopic Observations and Electrochemical Behaviour of Different Kind of Galvanized Steel.

Actin- & Tubulin-Based Structures Under Low Frequency Noise Stress

Low Frequency Noise Exposure and Biological Tissue: Reinforcement of Structural Integrity?


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